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Roller Scents (M = Masculine Scent, U =, Unisex Scent,  W = Feminine Scent).


Our fragrances are designed to last and embody the essence of luxury brands. They come in a compact form (Roller), making them convenient to use whenever and wherever you desire. Simply apply them to your pressure points or roll  into your palms and combine with your unscented lotion or cream.


Fantasy = Kastin Beauty's take on Gucci's Flora (W)

Naughty/ Naught Gal = Kastin Beauty's take on Baccarat Rouge 540 (U)

Daddies Desire = Kastin Beauty's take on Pink Sugar by Aquolina (W) #1 Seller

Yasss Queen= Sweet Champagne & Rose Gold ( A Kastin Beauty Classic) (W)

Animalistic = Kastin Beauty's take on Versace's Eros (U)

Enchantment = Kastin Beauty's take on Marc Jacobs' Daisy Dream (W)

Mr.Red Flag = Kastin Beauty's take on Sauvage by Dior (M)  # 1 Seller

Mischief = Kastin Beauty's take on YSL Y (M)

Trophy Wife = Kastin Beauty's take on Versace's Yellow Diamond (W)

Top Notch = Kastin Beauty's take on Aventus by Creed (M)

Seduction = Kastin Beauty's take on Mugler's Alien Goddess  (W)

Mistress = Kastin Beauty's take on Love by Coach (W)

Damian = Kastin Beauty's take on Bleu De Chanel by Chanel (M)

Elegance = Kastin Beauty's take on Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle W

Material Girl= Kastin Beauty's take on  Contre Moi by Louis Vuitton (W)

Split-It-Wide = Banana Cream ( A Kastin Beauty Classic) (U)

Debonair = Kastin Beauty's take on Lick Me All Over (U)

Southern Charm = Kastin Beauty's take on Bitter Peach by Tom Ford (W)

Alluring = (Coming Soon)

Ma Cherie = Kastin Beauty's take on Lost Cherry by Tom Ford (W)

Glamour = Kastin Beauty's take on Si by Giorgio Armani (W)


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